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This debate will remain open until an answer can be found.

If you know anything about Hawley Crescent, please send details to Horsearse using the form below. With your help, we shall crack this problem.




Debate continues to rage over the identity of the mysterious Hawley Crescent (pictured left).

Several creditable sources have come forward with wildly different suggestions, but as yet, none are confirmed.

In a recently chaired open discussion, Sheila Grabber claimed, 'Hawley Crescent was a famous american child actress. She was the little girl in Different Strokes and also played one of the A-Team's get-a-way vehicles.'

In stark contrast, Sinjin Rupture put forward, 'I think you will find that Hawley Crescent is in fact a structure made up of pre-cretaceous basalt rock formations found only in the Pacific deep trench gorge called 'Binky's Revenge' found off the Nor-Nor-West Corner of South Sea Island of Yip-pyang-woohar.'

In an entry to the open email debate, Ememtium Monkey claims,'Hawley Crescent, why that's the secret address of 'El Leaguo del Primato Superbo', the secret protective force of empowered monkeys in the South American Territories. They are responsible for the capture of numerous master criminals and the safe release of over 5 tethered robin red breasts. They can be contacted at: 88 Hawley Crescent, La Gaurda del Torro Biento, El Robo Policio, Mehico (Mexico), S.S.A. - please feel free to pop round for trea and crumpets anytime :)'

Also on email, Ananda Edwards piped up with this:

'Hawley Cresent only!
Please could the blue and red cushions that live on the sofa in reception be returned.
Thank you


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